Niko and Katya Tuparevi hide 21 real estates in Germany, Dubai, France, Czech Republic and Republic of Bulgaria for over 50 million leva (PHOTOS)

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The investigated family of Nikola and Ekaterina Tuparevi, summoned for interrogation for a order over their partner, which was first reported by, turned out to be the owner of 21 real estates in Bulgaria and abroad, hidden from the authorities. We also have good news - the spectacular property scam is now being worked on "where it belongs"!

As previously reported, the famous TV producer Niko Tuparev, whose name is behind the popular formats on Nova TV and bTV such as "The Bachelor", "Big Brother", " Dancing Stars", "Who wants to be a millionaire" and so on, and his wife - the owner of the advertising agency Ogilvy Sofia Ltd, which not coincidentally serves clients of the rank of Procter & Gamble, IKEA, VISA, Kaufland, Lufthansa, "Postbank", LIDL and many others, have been questioned in the SDI and the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office for organizing a contract assassination of a partner of Niko Tuparev, with whom the TV producer has ongoing legal disputes.

With the help of the special service, the investigation of led us to shocking facts about the unheard of number of real estates of the Tuparevi family, which are hidden abroad.

Our research has revealed that the family has 21 undeclared luxury properties in Berlin, Dubai, St. Tropez, Prague, Sofia, Varna, etc. The team also got hold of photos of the bar houses, apartments and offices.

Convince yourself of the colossal scale of the property scheme behind which the family under investigation, finally caught in the crosshairs of the authorities

Berlin - 3 apartments

Nikola Metodiev Tuparev and Ekaterina Ivanova Tupareva own three apartments in the German capital Berlin.

- The largest one is in the diplomatic quarter at 1 Egerstrasse, purchased for €1,530,000 in 2016 with an area of over 320 sqm.

The market value of the property is currently over €3 million. The property has not been declared to the Bulgarian authorities,'s sources are adamant.

In fact, this is the property where the shady family has been living for the last 7 years.

The Tuparev family owns 2 more apartments in the German capital on ul. "Danzinger Strase" 165 - new construction, for which the family paid over 1 000 000 euros in 2014. The schemers hold the homes as an asset and almost never visit them, our sources clarified.

Saint Tropez, France - 3 apartments

In 2021, Ekaterina Tupareva, bypassing Bulgarian and German tax laws, purchased through her company "Sее Portfolio" Ltd. three apartments in the top center of Saint-Tropez - right opposite the post office where the iconic film "The Policeman of Saint-Tropez" with Louis de Fiennes was shot.

The price of the properties is spicy - 1 750 000 euros each.


Katya Tupareva and Niko Tuparev have three apartments in Dubai worth over 5 million euros.

- Two of them are in The Address Boulevard - EMAAR, in a hotel with a direct hot connection to the most luxurious mall in the world - Dubai Mall. Stay tuned for exclusive photos of the suite with the view from Tuparevi's bed in Dubai.

- The family under investigation also owns a unit in The Address DOWNTOWN Fountain View - EMAAR, a top location apartment on the 23rd floor in Dubai with a frontal view of the singing fountains in front of the Burj Khalifa with a price tag of over €2,500,000. We are about to publish exclusive photos of Niko Tuparev relaxing against the backdrop of one of the most luxurious views in the world - a magnet for scammers with obscure capitals and junkies from all over the world.

Insiders say the family visits their Dubai properties no more than 2 to 3 weeks a year. The properties are also not declared to the Bulgarian tax authorities, the source told


Katya Tupareva owns a house in Prague for over 1 500 000 euros. Tupareva rarely heard from her ailing mother,'s informant did not hide the fact that she is being cared for by a whole team of governesses, cookers and a driver.


Niko and Ekaterina Tuparevi are hiding an iconic apartment, located on the outskirts of Sofia opposite the Russian Church. The location is on the 5th floor of Blvd. "Tsar Osvoboditel" 8a.

The apartment has an area of over 230 sq.m. The property was purchased in 2019 for 1,150,000 euros but is currently worth over 2,500,000 euros.

Tupareva also owns an apartment on ul. "Marin Drinov" in the center of Sofia, next to the street "Oborishte".

The shady family also has a flat on Baba Nedelya Square next to the National Palace of Culture with a terrace above the restaurant there.

Separately, the TV liaison owns a shop on ul. "It is used as a gallery.

Katya Tupareva, on the other hand, has an office building for more than €3 000 000 on ul. "Dospat" 60-62 near the National Palace of Culture, where her company "Ogilvy Sofia" Ltd. is located, as well as an office building on the corner of ul. "Kaliakra Street. "Rozova dolina" in the central Sofia district. "Lozenets.

Ekaterina Tupareva also turned out to be a large landowner - in Karlovo her company "Rozov projekt" Ltd. owns over 233 acres of land on which it plans to produce rose oil and build a spa complex.

The same top female pir is also the owner of a house in Bankya on ul. "Momina sylza" 27 with 3 acres of yard and a private farm.

To top all this property bacchanalia Niko Katya Tuparevi has 3 apartments in Varna in the luxury complex "Sunny Day" near the resort "St. Constantine and Elena", where their neighbor is... Slavi Trifonov.

A source of, who requested anonymity, clarified that the NRA and the KPKONPI have self-investigated because the properties are not declared and have started checks on the origin of the funds and the way they were acquired.

On the basis of the data mentioned above and the huge differences between the declared income and the funds spent by the Tuparevs, it is clear that the declared profits of Niko Tuparev's and Katya Tupareva's companies are drastically different from this, what is known to their contractors (Nova TV and bTV for the companies of Niko Tuparev and Procter & Gamble, IKEA, VISA, Kaufland, Lufthansa, "Postbank" and LIDL for the companies of Katya Tupareva), which will be the subject of our next investigation, which the editorial office is already working on.

We beg anyone who has information about the outrages of the self-deluded Tuparevi, to contact the editors of at the above email, no line of information will be spared.


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