Kim Ji-Hoon for In Korean cinema you can find greater movies than you expect

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Kim Ji-Hoon is one of the most popular Korean actors. It's not just his visual that would make you remember his name, but his variety of roles and different type of characters that he plays.

We must admit that we are particularly biased and one of our favorite roles of Kim Ji Hoon is the shy animator Oh Jin-Rak in the drama Flower boy next door (2013). But his completely different type of character and look in the Stars falling from the sky definitely makes you speechless and wanting to see his new reincarnation. 

That's why we contacted his agency and asked for that really special interview. Hello, Kim Ji-hoon and thanks for the interview. Is it your first interview for European media?

Yes, it's my first interview. We've heard that the last news about you are based on your last drama The Man Living in Our House. As we won`t be able to watch it soon, could you tell us more about it and your work in it? 

It has already been broadcasted in Korea. I played a role of the heroine's boyfriend who cheated on her with her co-worker and left abroad. It sounds like he's a really bad and shameless guy, but actually he adds some comic elements to the drama. 

Kim Ji-Hoon Korean actor You played such different roles so far. Which one is the one you feel really close to your personality?

It's hard to pick one specific role since each role has bits of my real personality. If I have to choose one, it'll be the one in the drama named Jang Bo-ri is Here! He's a funny, humane and versatile character. He also has sincere and realistic aspects at the same time. In the matter of having varying sides, that role is the closest one to my personality. How do you prepare yourself for the new roles? Do you try to "step in the shoes" of the new character's life? Like for example work for a couple of days in a law company (as for the role of a lawyer) or learn how to draw (as for your role of Oh Jin-Rak)?

I'm ashamed to say that I haven't tried it yet. Because the dramas I've been in weren't focusing on my occupation, it wasn't necessary to show a certain job's professionalism. If my future role required me to show it, I would be more than happy to try to directly and indirectly "walk in the shoes" of it regardless of which job it would be. 

Kim Ji-Hoon Korean actor If you have to describe the Korean movie industry to someone who knows nothing about it, what would you tell?

It's a really difficult question to answer. But one thing I can surely say is that Korean movie industry has very positive future. There are lots of great actors and movie directors in Korea. They have been cooperating to make impressing movies that many people can sympathize with. If you look for Korean movies with interest, I'm pretty sure you'll find greater movies than you expect. How difficult is it to be an artist in Korea - what skills do you need to have in order to compete the Korean entertainment and show business?

Not just in Korea, being a successful actor is not an easy thing. For all ages and countries, to be successful as an actor, I should have passion and strong will in what I'm doing. Also, it is very important if I can feel happy while I'm working in that field. Since without passion, will and a sense of accomplishment and happiness from work, one would give up before long, these basic things are the most significant. Businesswise, of course luck and endeavor is necessary, still, the basics are more important. What is the role you are dreaming for? We are pretty sure that you will look sparkling in the role of a bad character even though no director offered you such a role yet. At least you could be the most good looking gangster, that's for sure :) What roles you think that will show unexpected sides of yourself?

I've always wanted to play the villain. I'm waiting for a good role which matches me well to come to me someday. Since I'm quite open-minded when I choose a role to play, I think that whichever role I take, I can show you a variety of characters. I haven't showed you that various characters yet though. 

Kim Ji-Hoon Korean actor We think that you are one of the best looking male actors and it's a matter of time and luck to became popular worldwide.  If you have the chance to work with any director in the world, who would you choose? Who is the one you believe will match you as an artist best and why?

I'm very flattered of you to say so. Even in Korea, there are so many directors I want to work with, but you said directors in the world! haha. Well at first, I want to work with the directors who made my favorite movies. Like, Coen Brothers, Ridley Scott of Prometheus, James Cameron of Avatar, Guillermo del Toro, Darren Aronofsky, The Wachowskis and so on.. Just saying this is like a dream to me, hahaha. It doesn't matter whether they match me or not. Working with the masters itself would be a great honor to me. Whats the most memorable comment for your work that you`ve heard?

The compliment from the script writer is the most memorable thing. She praised me I expressed the emotion that was not on the script, which even she couldn't think of. I was really happy when I heard it. Part of being a celebrity in Korea includes participations in lots of reality and TV shows. Where do you feel more conformable - on the film set or while in a TV show?

In reality and TV shows, I can show you what I'm like better, which is interesting. However, because I'm an actor, I feel most comfortable and pleased on the film set. You`ve been in Europe with a reality show this summer - what are the big differences between Asia and Europe that you recognized and what do you like most about the life here?

There are Europeans in Europe, hahaha. Peolple with blond hair and blue eyes, different languages... It's too stale but the most obvious difference. On top of that, there are too many differences in culture and sentiment to list. My favorite thing in Eruope is that the old buildings still remain being used as a residence or a gallery, which is really cool, and I envy that. At the end, what`s the most precious advice that you could give to young actors?

I'd like to say "Do not lose passion, your goal and hope. And do not forget your first resolution"